Recent scams going on Discord

Recent scams going on Discord
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Hey, it has come to our attention that there is a big scam going on. There is alot of bots with the name of "Wick", "", and something like "Verification".

If those bots ever asks you to scan the QR code, DO NOT SCAN THE QR CODE. It will steal your Discord credentials, even if you have two-factor authentication enabled. If you don't have billing information or "Early supporter" badge, only a message will be sent to every user on your friend list containing a invite url to the server where the fake "verifications" are in.

Real "Wick" and "" has a verification check on their BOT badge.

We at here Drivet will actively blacklist all these scam bots and aswell as their owners on Dangerous Discord.‌‌

Be safe everyone!

An example. QR code has been blurred (Credit: Odyssey346)